SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION: Why you should opt for it!!


Because your hair is such an important aspect of your appearance, a receding hairline or baldness may be devastating to your self-esteem. But what if there was a technique to prevent hair loss in the future?

According to the dermatologist of Best Hair Transplant Treatment in Ghaziabad, Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a natural-looking alternative for men and women with thinning hair, baldness, or scars from hair transplants.

SMP is a treatment that is not only speedy but also non-invasive and cost-effective. After you’ve finished, you’ll have the appearance of a short buzzcut, which will give you a fresh look and frame your face.

SMP provides density to thinning parts of the scalp and places where the hairline has receded in areas where hair growth is low. Practitioners can conceal faults caused by scarring (such as from surgery) or blemishes in addition to filling up thin regions on the scalp.


Micropigmentation of the scalp is a long-term hair loss treatment. Before you observe any light fading, your therapy will normally last 4-6 years. After that, you can return for a quick touch-up.

Scalp micro pigmentation usually only takes two to three treatment sessions and a short recuperation period until you have what seems like a completely new head of hair.


Scalp micro pigmentation is less expensive than other more permanent hair loss options, such as a hair transplant, because there are no extra surgery-related fees, such as anesthetic.

Although SMP recovery necessitates some aftercare, it is significantly less expensive than the post-surgery drugs required for the scalp and immune system before hair transplantation.


Because the practitioner does not delve deep into the skin and instead utilizes little needles to blend the ink nicely with your skin tone, some people call micropigmentation scalp acupuncture. Because this procedure is less invasive, you will have a shorter recovery period and a lower chance of problems.

Furthermore, therapists now have superior software and precise devices at their disposal to create your hairline fast and painlessly.

Because SMP is so gentle, you won’t need to see a practitioner for at least four years after your treatment is over.


There are a slew of convincing reasons to consider scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss treatment. As a hair loss therapy, scalp micropigmentation is unique. It eliminates the disadvantages of traditional hair loss treatments, such as exorbitant costs and never-ending administration.

It also makes your hair look thicker and younger, whether you have general thinning or baldness. Your scalp will have the natural-looking appearance of hair after a few minimally invasive treatments, but without the lengthy healing period that comes with a hair transplant. All of this adds up to SMP being one of the greatest hair loss treatments available. 

When done by a qualified practitioner, scalp micro-pigmentation creates the illusion of genuine hair follicles and a convincing replication of hair colour, texture, and skin tone that resembles closely trimmed hair.

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